Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre

Leighton Buzzard, Lake Street, LU7 1RX

2nd March 2024 at 20:00

2 Sat

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Splendid line-up in prospect at the always delightfull theatre above the library in the heart of Leighton Buzzard. As ever, a lovely Barnstormers Comedy MC will be on hand to introduce three more top acts from the London Comedy Circuit and beyond. Tonight, they are: the fabulously freewheeling Jon Pearson, 'A ntural ability for working an audience' - Edinburgh Fringe Review; slick gagster Paul Kerensa, 'His on-stage presence is one of the most amiable and unthreatening around, whilst his writing is uniquely left of field and introduces concepts that a lot of his peers could not even imagine' - Chortle; and the delightfully sarcastic Joe Sutherland, 'Takes to the stage like an old pro, oozing star power from every pore. He combines borderline offensive self-confidence and biting punchlines with an openness that leaves the audience totally tamed' - The Mirror.

Please note that while we do our very best to keep this website up to date, shows can change without notice because of other commitments of artists such as television or stage work.